Intuition be hittin’ at all times. We just choose to ignore it! I knew the situation in the spiritual before it was revealed to me in the physical, and this time I chose to listen and position myself accordingly to stay out of harm’s way. Things are not always what they seem only because we refuse to see it. We only want to see what we want to see, skewing reality. Distorting, bending it until it breaks, then we have the audacity to get upset!

Save yourself for the real relationship that you crave and deserve. Heed the signs, keep your eyes on Jesus, and don’t settle for anything that is a shred or even a speck less than exactly what you desire, and what God has planned for you.

Don’t settle for secrets, illusions, uncertainty.

Don’t settle for laughably awkward attempts at getting close to you, or being for you.

Don’t settle for an incomplete prophecy.

Don’t settle for confusion, wishful thinking, or daydreams.

Stay present and stay real at all times. God lives there.

body lover

I left the house today. I went for a walk at 6:45am, ate breakfast, and found a cozy and eclectic cafe. I reached my work goal today, bought some plants today. I’m feeling balanced today.

It’s incredible how willfully I will neglect myself. Pick and choose which parts of myself to honor, because I don’t feel like addressing all of myself. I spent all last week dragging my body through over-sleeping, poor exercise, and self-imposed starvation, while she screamed via hunger pangs, panic, a sense of unshakeable dread, and drowsiness. And for what? So I could “meditate” in circles, justifying it as insight when really it was just obsession about things that are out of my control and self-neglect.

I vow to do better; make a commitment to my body, stop placing my mind on a pedestal. Somehow, I managed to heal my spiritual disconnect, but my body still suffers at the hands of my mind at times.

it’s OK though. I am a work in progress; God is not through with me yet!

Here’s to balance, motion, and doing (no over-thinking!)


Sometimes you really need to do something different to shake the rut loose. Feeling better isn’t always about routine and patience when you feel down or fatigued. Do something. Break out of the confines of Rut-hood. Stuck-in-bed woods. Habits that once served, dried up at he foot of your bed and around the sink, in the tub, on your desk–like dead skin. Molting isn’t always obvious, and its completion isn’t always evident. You’ve plateaued after some time of passionate skin shedding, shimmying out of old patterns, roles, habits.

All of that, just to forget the task at hand, grow weary, and slip back into skin more comfortable. Then, have the nerve to resent the old skin, feel stifled and sleepy! Silly. It’s time to do something different. Break routine. Start climbing again. You’ve rested long enough. Meditated more than enough. There’s no progress left in stasis. You’ve finished the metamorphosis just to gently hang in the confines of the cozy chrysalis you’ve worked so hard to leave.

Push out, go forth, drop down, go up. New skin, new wings, new form, new routine–whatever metaphor you like–just do it.

Break out, venture in.