body lover

I left the house today. I went for a walk at 6:45am, ate breakfast, and found a cozy and eclectic cafe. I reached my work goal today, bought some plants today. I’m feeling balanced today.

It’s incredible how willfully I will neglect myself. Pick and choose which parts of myself to honor, because I don’t feel like addressing all of myself. I spent all last week dragging my body through over-sleeping, poor exercise, and self-imposed starvation, while she screamed via hunger pangs, panic, a sense of unshakeable dread, and drowsiness. And for what? So I could “meditate” in circles, justifying it as insight when really it was just obsession about things that are out of my control and self-neglect.

I vow to do better; make a commitment to my body, stop placing my mind on a pedestal. Somehow, I managed to heal my spiritual disconnect, but my body still suffers at the hands of my mind at times.

it’s OK though. I am a work in progress; God is not through with me yet!

Here’s to balance, motion, and doing (no over-thinking!)

Author: Denise

Self published writer and lover of God with a passion for writing devotionals! Based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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