don’t settle

Intuition hits at all times. We just choose to ignore it! I knew the situation in the spiritual realm before it was revealed to me in the physical, and this time I chose to listen and position myself accordingly. Things are not always what they seem, only because we refuse to see it. We only want to see what we want to see, skewing reality, distorting, bending it until it breaks, then we have the audacity to get upset!

Save yourself for the real relationship that you crave and deserve. Heed the signs, keep your eyes on Jesus, and don’t settle for anything that is a shred or even a speck less than exactly what you desire and what God has planned for you.

Don’t settle for secrets, illusions, uncertainty.

Don’t settle for laughably awkward attempts at getting close to you, or being for you.

Don’t settle for an incomplete prophecy.

Don’t settle for mediocrity and co-dependence.

Don’t settle for confusion, wishful thinking, or day dreams.

Don’t settle for anything.

Author: Denise

Self published writer and lover of God with a passion for writing devotionals! Based in St. Louis, Missouri.